Here are 5 Child Quest safety tips for adults..

1: Don't buy from websites that don't have https:// at the beginning. The "s" means secure and websites that use https encrypt your information to protect from hackers.

2: If you are going to buy online then try to use a credit card as often as possible as it's much easier to get a refund on a purchase if you used a credit card. Debit cards on the other hand are almost impossible to get refunds on if the scammer wont refund you themselves.

3: Don't click links in emails and then sign in to websites through that link. If you ever need to login to a website then go directly to it to make sure that you are on the correct site. Phishers will send you legitimate looking emails so that when you click on a link and login you will actually be giving your information to the fraudsters.

4: Use different passwords on different sites and make sure that those passwords are very difficult for a hacker to guess. If a hacker were to figure out your password and that password is the same on lot's of different sites then they will be able to access all of your other accounts.

5: Make sure that you use a good antivirus to protect from viruses and key loggers.

So follow these tips to stay protected from fraudsters. And don't forget to checkout Child Quest for more info.